Imagine that you would have a tool that not only can automate beta deployment and releases for your mobile apps but also it can handle monotonous tasks such as generating screen shots and uploading it to apple ecosystem in an automated way. Furthermore, it saves time for code signing and app shipment.

Well, that is realistic and easy with Fastlane. This article will not focus on the technical part of Fastlane for doing things. However, from my own experience I will be highlighting some of the great tools that Fastlane has.

With no doubts social media UX/UI designers of twitter, Instagram, or Facebook or any popular social media apps are very talented to come up with UI designs that are not only ease to use by us users but also attract users’ attention by its beauty. However, it can be challenging for mobile engineers to implement those sophisticated UI designs since they are given custom UI component to implement using UI frameworks such as UIKit or SwiftUI that might not include those UI components.

In this article 📝 we will have a look of how to implement one of Instagram’s UI…

Mahmoud Aoata

IOS Software engineer, fascinated by swift and ios frameworks

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